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Brewed Beer Product for Iron Mountian, MI

We pride ourselves in not just brewing beer......
but brewing GREAT beer!
We create ales and lagers that are well balanced and true to style, as well as beers that push the limit and some wild and crazy "fringe" beers that will spark your curiosity. 
Our small 2/4-barrel brewing system is capable of brewing 124 gallons at a time, or as we more traditionally brew, two meniscal batches  of different beers  (62 gallons each)  brewed simultaneously.  Although we make  nano-batches of beer, having seven fermenters with a total of 22 barrels of fermentation capacity, allows us to have a wide variety of craft beer on tap and to have the
freshest beer possible for our  guests.

At 51st State Brewing Company, we love what we do, and we aim to show it through our intimate brewing process. We put a lot of hard work, thought, and care into the creation of our six flagship beers, and we know that you will love them. Our beers are unlike any other nano-brews you have had before.

We are also proud to offer a variety of different beers to ensure that our customers always find a beer on our taps that suits their unique tastes. From a pale ale and an American lager to a porter and an IPA, you can’t go wrong with our selection of brewed beer product.


  • Continue scrolling to learn more about each of our beers. If you have any questions about our beers, brewery, or process, reach out to us today by calling 906.828.2167. You can also fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

A Company Brewing Beer Unlike Any Other

Our Six Flagship Beers

State of Superior

A hop forward session pale ale with a clear golden color and a white head. Moderate hop flavor with hints of citrus, pine and fruity undertones. The grainy malt character balances nicely with  the dry hops. 

Batty Millie

Our almost-famous American wheat beer has muted tones of vanilla and blueberries with a slight, tart finish. 

Woody Wagon

A medium body strong scotch ale has a rich malty character. With notes of plum and raisins, this beer has a smooth alcohol warmth that balances its malty sweetness. 

3 Vagabonds

An American lager that is refreshing, light-bodied and highly carbonated. This slightly malty, crisp finish lager has very little hop aroma.

GC-4A Glider

This porter starts off sweet but the dark malt flavor quickly dominates and persists to the end. Just a touch dry, with a hint of roast coffee. Subtle flavors of caramel, toffee, molasses with light hints of black currant and dark fruits.

Ski Jump IPA 

This classic hoppy, bitter beer has a slight malt flavor with balanced hops. Citrus and pine aromas along with tropical fruit flavors are prominent in this medium bodied beer. 

Future Products

In addition to the 6 flagship beers, other styles are being planned as limited or seasonal offerings. For example, Christmas Spice, Munich Helles, Chocolate Coffee Porter, Raspberry Stout, Bourbon Barrel Porter, Belgian Dubbel, Czech Lager, and many experimental beers.  

Although our beer recipes will be designed to meet certain style parameters which have been proven to be popular by other brewers in the industry, our beer recipes will be adjusted so that the final products have their own unique quality. We are not attempting to imitate the products of other brewers. On the contrary, we will produce our own unique ales and lagers within style parameters which have a demonstrated track record of success.

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